[mythtv-users] Need help with meaning of channel table fields

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Mon Jan 15 21:27:29 UTC 2007


Would this also be true in my case, where I'm using one tuner card (pcHDTV
5500) which has both analog and digital tuners and an s-video input?

I right now have only one lineup, and am having problems getting the
analog tuner to record....maybe this is the reason?

I also will eventually be using the s-video input for all the encrypted
channels, once I figure out how to route the audio from my STB through the
card into my sound card (it has an audio input which doesn't seem to be
working ATM).

So, I'll need three separate lineups, I assume?  There will be some
overlap - I have many of the SD channels on the digital side, which look a
lot cleaner than when I watch them on the analog side.  So, my guess is,
I'll have to delete the channels in the analog lineup which I prefer to
record from the QAM tuner....?


Jerry Rubinow wrote:
> On 1/15/07, Al B. <brekkal at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ahhhhh, I see what I did.  I have three zap2it lineups, an analog (for
>> the
>> > PVR-500), a digital with everything but the HD channels (also for the
>> > PVR-500, but the s-video input), and another digital with only the HD
>> > channels (for the firewire).  I divvied up the digital channels among
>> two
>> > feeds to reduce the chance of conflicts, since the s-video and the
>> firewire
>> > both use the set top box's tuner and Myth doesn't know that.
>> >
>> >
>>  I really don't mean to hijack your question here, but I think I made
>> the
>> same mistake you did when setting up my new Myth backend over the
>> weekend.
>> I've got 2 tuners: a PVR-250 and a PVR-150.  I subscribe to Comcast
>> digital
>> cable, but currently have only one cable box.  So I set up 2 lineups on
>> Zap2it: a Comcast analog, and a Comcast digital lineup.  I created 2
>> video
>> sources (one for each lineup) and pointed the PVR-250 at the analog
>> lineup/source, and the PVR-150 at the digital one.  (the 150 will be
>> hooked
>> up to my cable box via s-video)
>> However, since all channels under 100 would be the same for both
>> lineups,
>> this creates unnecessary overlap...??  In other words, what I should
>> have
>> done is:
>>  1.  Create ONE lineup (comcast digital)
>>  2.  Create 2 video sources - one called "analog" and one called
>> "digital"
>> using the SAME lineup
>>  3.  Point the 250 to the analog source and the 150 to the digital
>> source
>>  4.  Use the channel editor to remove channels above 100 for the analog
>> source tied to my 250
>> Does that sound right?
> No, if your PVR-250 is hooked up to the straight coax getting analog
> signals, you want to have an analog channel lineup from zap2it for it.
> You
> did it right the first time.
> -Jerry
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