[mythtv-users] Internal Player w/ HD

Michael Wisniewski wiz561 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 22:31:13 UTC 2007


    I'm using mythtv .20 on ubuntu.  My goal is to get it to play HD videos
in, well, hi-def, while everything else is SD.  The reason for this is
because my tv is 4:3 and it bugs me when I use the 16:9 resolution on it.

    So, my question...  Is it possible to have the internal player use a 4:3
ratio (640x480) for everything except movies in the video manager?  Then,
when you play a video in the video manager section, send a switch to the
internal player to force 1280x1024?

    I'm pretty sure (but not positive) that you can do this with
mplayer...but I really like the internal player's features, such as volume
control, bookmarking, and no need to remap all the keys.

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