[mythtv-users] DVD and VFD?

Henrik Ostergaard Madsen Henrik at ostergaard.net
Thu Jan 18 17:25:55 UTC 2007

> > I am in the process of getting a MythTv box up and running and am using a
> > iMon VFD display (20x2 characters). It is working nicely with the Myth
> > menus, but nothing is showed when playing DVDs (I haven't tried video or
> > music files)
> >
> > Is there a way to show e.g. current play time (position) and chapter
> > information during playback on the VFD?
> Are you sure you are using the internal player? I don't remember
> exactly what it displays, but it should at least show a progress bar
> during playback.
Yes - at least, that is what it says in the configuration screen..

The picture and audiofiles system correctly shows file names and progress 
as do the menu system, and the clock is running otherwise - except during 
DVD playing, where it is entirely blank.

The 'Big Clock' option does not work either - it goofes up the display. 
Maybe it has sometihing to do with my problem?

If it can be solved by using another DVD-player, then that could be an 
option. Which other DVD-player can use lirc and lcdproc?


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