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Mikkel Bystrup Stensgaard mikkel at sudu.dk
Thu Jan 18 10:19:23 UTC 2007

Ross Campbell wrote:
> On 1/17/07, David Brodbeck <gull at gull.us> wrote:
>> raphael wrote:
>>> why hasn't anyone made a 10ft UI for mythfrontend on windows yet?
>> I'd kind of like to see the opposite -- a player for Linux with an
>> application-style interface.  Mythfrontend is great when I want to watch
>> fullscreen from across the room, but not so hot if I want to watch in a
>> window while I'm using the computer for something else.
> Well... from the MythTvPlayer website,
> "Within the near future, the code will also be released as GPL".
> After that, it should be straightforward to build MythTvPlayer on
> Linux or any well behaved UNX-like OS.
> - Ross
Actually I just released the code as GPL and created a sourceforge project.
I have not uploaded the code, though, as I would like to make some 
re-arrangements first.
I will, of course, be happy to mail the code.

As you say it would be quite easy to compile mythtv for linux as it is 
using OS-independent libraries for everything, including the GUI.
There is a bit of Windows specific code for controlling the window, but 
that could be commented out quite fast.

If anybody is interested in trying to compile it on linux, I would love 
to help out if needed.

Concerning the fullscreen/application-style interface I also thinks an 
application style interface is needed. At some point, myth frontend will 
be available for windows anyway, so why bother. It would be possible to 
build one on top of the mythtv player code or build a plugin for one of 
the PVR's for windows, but I am not planning to do this myself.
I like fullscreen on my tv.. But on desktop/laptop I want an 
application-style as this utilizes the keyboard/mouse/resolution much 
better IMO.
Also, at some point, it would be nice if mythtvplayer was able to copy 
recordings to the local machine with a single click such that you can 
watch the recordings while travelling or is away from your home network.

In that way the player is by no means meant as a competitor for the 
myth-frontend which does an excellent job and years of code is in there. 
It is meant as a alternative for certain things that is nice to do in an 
application-style interface ;)


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