[mythtv-users] Low audio level with Plextor TV402U

Clint Eaker ceaker at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 17 22:50:40 UTC 2007

I just recently got my mythtv setup up and running and I'm still something of a noob.  I'm using a Plextor TV402U as my tuner on a VIA M10000 combined frontend/backend.  Audio levels are fine when playing music with MythMusic or playing DVDs with MythDVD.  But when watching TV (either live or recorded), I have to crank the volume on my stereo receiver up to about twice the level as with music or DVD to get the same volume.

So far, all I've tried is adjusting the mixer volumes and this doesn't seem to help.  I've been searching for about 2-3 days and so far have found a post on one forum that indicates the audio gain needs to be adjusted in the source code (http://lists.zerezo.com/video4linux/msg10011.html), which seems to be some serious overkill.  Especially given that the packaged application seems to include volume adjustment.  But then the guy that answered the original post is the maintainer for the Plextor drivers, so who am I to argue?

I'm hoping this is just a simple case of not knowing what to adjust in my setup.  Anyone else using the TV402U and getting the same results?  Suggestions?


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