[mythtv-users] Recording conflict between two consecutive programs on the same channel (1 tuner)

Matthias Thyroff lists at thyroff.net
Wed Jan 17 12:26:58 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott schrieb:
> On 16/01/07, Matthias Thyroff <lists at thyroff.net> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> tonight I have programmed "Desperate Housewives" with a 5min extra afterwards,
>> and "Grey's Anatomy" which is the next program on the same channel.
>> Myth tells me it will not record "Grey's Anatomy" because of a conflict with
>> another recording which has a higher Priority (both have prio 0).
>> If I reduce the recording extra of the housewives to 0, it only mentions a
>> possible conflict. I am aware that this is a momentary fix but I always add an
>> extra to all recordings, so I would like to be sure that "Grey's Anatomy" is
>> recorded even with the extra.
>> By what I read in the list I was under the impression that should be like that
>> because recording extra time is not respected if conflicts exist, I am just
>> worried by the definite statement of myth that it will not be recorded at all
>> because of the conflict. Is recording extra time not taken into account when
>> searching conflicts?
> Matthias,
> This goes back to the oft-discussed 'global' pre/post-roll settings (a
> soft setting), and per-rule settings (a hard setting).
> You can configure MythTV globally to try and record a specified
> pre/post-roll duration on all recordings, but importantly, the
> scheduler DOES NOT take this into account when scheduling upcoming
> recordings, so there is no guarantee whatsoever that this extra
> recording time will be recorded on any recordings. If you have no
> other scheduled recordings that will impede the recording of this
> extra pre/post-roll time, then it will get recorded.
> However, if you have two consecutive recordings (or the time gap
> between the recordings is less than the global pre/post-roll) on an
> input, and you have not specified extra recording time in the
> individual rules, pre-roll on the first recording and post-roll on the
> second recording can be recorded. For two consecutive recordings with
> no time gap between them (i.e. 9pm-10pm and then 10pm-11pm) the first
> recording will finish at its scheduled time (10pm) and the second
> recording will start immediately at its scheduled start time (10pm).
> However, if you specify start early/finish late timings in a recording
> rule, the scheduler DOES take into account this extra recording time
> when scheduling upcoming recordings. This has the effect of
> potentially stopping consecutive recordings from recording as intended
> - this is what you are seeing. The scheduler notes from the recording
> rule of Desperate Housewives that you want to record a further 5
> minutes on recordings of that program. Whenever it gets a recording
> match, the scheduler will add an extra 5 minutes to that scheduled
> recording. In my simple example above, this means that first program
> will actually be recorded from 9pm-10.05pm. The scheduler then notes
> that the recording of Grey's Anatomy CAN NOT now be made (10pm-11pm)
> as the recording can not start at its specified time (10pm).
> The only 2 ways I can think of to get around this situation is to
> offer the scheduler more flexibility by either getting another capture
> card if can schedule the second recording on, or simply configure the
> rule for Grey's Anatomy to start 5 minutes late (and possibly end 5
> minutes late also). On a single tuner system (or one having multiple
> cards which are also recording at conflicting times) it can take a
> little while to work out whether program need to be configured to
> always start recording early (configured in the rule). I have the
> situation on a few channels (UK cable) where 30-minute shows start at
> 59 minutes past the hour, which means unless I set the recording rules
> to start and finish 1 minute early, I miss the beginning of the show.
> I hope this has not confused you too much ;) Any more questions,
> please post and I'm sure someone more experienced can help us out.
> Nick

many thanks for that detailed explanation. I had set a global extra
recording time, I was just not aware of it anymore because it is never
shown in the recording schedule or in mythweb; so I got used to add
extra time for every recording I scheduled in mythweb, just to be sure.
I will stop doing that from now on, and everything should work as I
expect it then. I will run a couple of tests, though.



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