[mythtv-users] Recomended distro???

devsk funtoos at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 20:14:02 UTC 2007

> How is SVN handled on gentoo?

it is not. you need a custom overlay to account for svn. If I remember correctly, I think its being worked on.

>I'm guessing that all applications are compiled from source is that a correct assumption?

yes, most applications are installed from source. Some of the big ones(like mplayer, firefox, openoffice etc.) are made available as binary installs as well. There are binary-only packages in portage as well e.g. nvidia drivers, opera browser, jdk etc.

gentoo is the easiest of the distros if you have a little patience and are not shy to learn. I think the key is the nice pkg dependency tracking and slotting of the library versions, and of course the large collection of apps in portage tree which are easily searchable. Another asset is the gentoo forums and the fact that many devs use gentoo themselves. There is no upgrade from FC5 to FC6, instead its slow and gradual. If you are the type who lose attention beyond 15-minutes, go with some hybrid like sabayon where you could still use portage (gentoo package management system) but could get the basic system running in minutes.


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