[mythtv-users] US MythTV users: will your recordings be 1 hour off on March 11th?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 16 22:17:11 UTC 2007

On Jan 16, 2007, at 2:36 PM, Ross Campbell wrote:

> For those who don't know or forgot, daylight savings time rules change
> in most parts of the US this year... DST will start 3 weeks earlier
> and end 1 week later thanks to the brilliant minds behind the Energy
> Policy act of 2005 -
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_Policy_Act_of_2005
> So what?!

Good point. I have all my "regular" machines updated but my Myth box  
is running tzdata-2005m-1.fc4.

I guess I have time to figure out how to update this. Thanks for the  
heads up.

To make things even worse there is a bill in the State legislature  
here to eliminate DST totally. Not a bad idea if everyone did it but  
throwing us out of sync with our neighboring states is probably not  
the greatest idea, especially when all of our TV comes from out of  

I really wish the government would stop mucking around with the time :-)

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