[mythtv-users] HD HomeRun

jafa jafa at silicondust.com
Tue Jan 16 21:31:35 UTC 2007

Steve wrote:
> Ok - After some emails from mythtv-users I'm looking at getting the HD
> HomeRun.  It seems like a pretty good setup with not having to worry about
> drivers and such.
> Found some old mythtv-users emails about it and it sounds like it could
> put a good amount of traffic/strain on my existing 100mb ethernet network.
>  Does anyone have an opinion on would be better - a separate network from
> your home/work network or upgrading to a 1G network.
> Or even a third option combining both - 1G ethernet on it's own network.
Hi Steve,

A typical HD channel will generate around 15Mbps of traffic.

If you are looking to upgrade your network then I would recommend a 
gigabit switch - no configuration needed and it makes file transfers 
between machines faster.

My home system with 3 x HDHomeRun devices is running through a $45 
8-port DLink gigabit switch. The 5-port version is $35.


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