[mythtv-users] Seperate video out with PVR-350?

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Tue Jan 16 21:28:00 UTC 2007

Hello Dan and list,

DW> Yes,  it  should  be  behaving exactly like you're seeing (you can
DW> only use one instance at a time.)

That is OK for me. I just wanted to make sure something wasn't broken.
I've  also  started on a Mythtv wiki about this. I've posted what I've
done so far on


>>On  a separate note that I believe is unrelated, but probably should
>>mention,  when  in  MythTV, at the mainmenu, it often come up black,
>>but  the  menu  is  there and one can select items. When I switch to
>>Live TV,

DW> Most  likely,  it's  trying  to  output to the PVR-350 when the DB
DW> setting is left to use the QT painter.

I just looked over the qt setting under setup - appearance. It was set
to  open-gl,  I  changed  it back to qt and it seems to work fine now.
Thanks for trailing me to the sent.

Best regards.

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