[mythtv-users] Recording conflict between two consecutive programs on the same channel (1 tuner)

Matthias Thyroff lists at thyroff.net
Tue Jan 16 19:39:55 UTC 2007


tonight I have programmed "Desperate Housewives" with a 5min extra afterwards,
and "Grey's Anatomy" which is the next program on the same channel.

Myth tells me it will not record "Grey's Anatomy" because of a conflict with
another recording which has a higher Priority (both have prio 0).

If I reduce the recording extra of the housewives to 0, it only mentions a
possible conflict. I am aware that this is a momentary fix but I always add an
extra to all recordings, so I would like to be sure that "Grey's Anatomy" is
recorded even with the extra.

By what I read in the list I was under the impression that should be like that
because recording extra time is not respected if conflicts exist, I am just
worried by the definite statement of myth that it will not be recorded at all
because of the conflict. Is recording extra time not taken into account when
searching conflicts?

Thanks for any clarification!



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