[mythtv-users] Unicode characters showing up as question marks

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Jan 16 16:57:43 UTC 2007

Dave M G <martin at autotelic.com> says:
> Whoever designed the MySQL database left the collation settings at the 
> default - which is (for some reason) "latin_swedish_ci".
> I changed all the text fields on the "program" table to use 
> "utf8_unicode_ci" as their collation. Then I set the collation for the 
> table and the collation for the whole database to be "utf8_unicode_ci" 
> as well.

What I forgot to ask in my previous reply is, how does one do the
above? I know nothing about SQL syntax beyond what was required to set
up MythTV.

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