[mythtv-users] Channel database import from backup. . .help

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Tue Jan 16 08:14:53 UTC 2007

OK, all of you mySQL gurus...a question (aprdon the long post, but this is
kind of involved:

I previously had one video source for my three inputs - I was recently
advised that this was the wrong way to do this.  So, I set up two new
video sources, via Zap2It Labs, so I now have three for this pcHD5500

(1) Those unencrypted channels which I can get via digital cable on my dvb
input (this will also be used for firewire later, since they both can only
be used for unencrypted channels);

(2) All of the NTSC/analog channels, for the NTSC ("television") input on
the card;

(3) All channels in my plan, for the s-video input on the card, from the STB.

My previous channel database took me a LONG time to clean up, as I had to
map all of the unencrypted digital/HDTV channels from the 400 or so that
the dvb tuner was able to pick up, most of which were encrypted - these
latter I went through and deleted.  Those that remained, I had to go
through and remap to the actual channel numbers (e.g. "Unknown 94#2" may
have been "KABCDT" (ABC HD) on channel 407.  So, before going to the next
step, I backed up the whole machine.

Now...when I fetched channels from Zap2It and ran mythfill database, I now
had a setup where I couldn't get a lock on any channels on the digital and
analog tuners - only the s-video - probably because there were overlaps,
dupes, etc.  So, I wound up wiping the new channel DB completely, then ran
mythfilldatabase again.  This time, I only had channels from (3) above -
which was ALL possible channels - but the dvb and analog tuners had no
channels and couldn't tune anything.  I then did a fetch on (2) in
mythtv-setup and ran mythfilldatabase again.  Now I have channels from
sourceIDs (2) and (3), and the analog tuner now works.

Now, my question is:  How do I reimport the digital channels from my
original (backup) database back into the new database (so as to get my
QAM-256 channels back)?

Thanks very much...Bob

Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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