[mythtv-users] Recording issues...am I asking for help in the wrong way??

Kevin Slater kevin.slater at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 15:25:54 UTC 2007

> In "analog options", I had "s-video" configured as the default analog
> input, but at the moment, I'm having problems with the audio for the
> S-video input.


So, this is obviously some sort of configuration issue with my Myth
> install, not the card...the audio-in for the S-video input I'm still
> working on, too.

Ok, if you're capturing from S-Video, that is a video signal only. No audio
there. You'll need to bring in the audio somewhere else and get it to the
capture card. (I'm leaning on my PVR-x50 experience here.)

Also - don't miss Steve Adeff's reply above.

As for the IRC channel - it really depends on who's on and what sort of day
they've had. So it can be hit or miss.

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