[mythtv-users] why won't my transcode autodetect setting.. autodetect?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Jan 13 06:00:16 UTC 2007

* On Sat Jan 13, 2007 at 12:27:33PM +1000, Andy Foster wrote:
> After upgrading my SVN build a few weeks ago, mythtv started reporting
> about 90% of my transcodes as failing with exit status 255 (unknown).

What is in the logs?  If there isn't enough detail, run mythbackend
with the "-v jobqueue" option to see more detail.

> After some investigation it turns out that if the transcoder field in
> the record table is set to 0 (I assume this is Autodetect?), then
> attempts to transcode it transcode fails. If I manually set it to
> correspond to my MPEG2 transcoder (id 22), then the automatic
> transcode afterworks fine.

Works fine for me with record.transcoder set to 0 on all my rules.

> When I try to run mythtranscode from the cmd line:
> http://rafb.net/p/qXZve514.html

This is actually a totally different error.  I just fixed this one
in SVN, so reupdate if you want that fix.



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