[mythtv-users] mythtv on the ps3

Phill Wiggin alamar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 20:35:58 UTC 2007

> <snip>
> Everything you say is true, but the fact is that it is a great price
> even if it were simply a Blu-Ray player.
> A "Mid-Range Mac" and a Blu-Ray player together would cost a *lot*
> more than the PS3.
> Plus you get to play with Linux on it, no extra cost :-)
> Talk about the PS3's "problems" all you want, it's still one of the
> best hardware deals out there.

I completely agree with you on the $/feature ratio.  But, that's only
the case if BlueRay wins the HD wars.  And from the news on the wire
(TechDirt, etc), Sony flatly refuses to have porn on "their" media
(And apparently, the feeling's mutual. porn prefers HD-DVD).  They had
the same stance w/ betamax....  Love it or hate it, pron drives


My personal feelings are against Blu-Ray not because of what I've
written above, but because Sony's pushing it.  They've gotten a fair
amount of bad PR as well as stacks of obsolete/unused formats in their
history.  If they _do_ lose the 'format wars' the PS3 will be a
Betamax that plays really nice looking games.

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