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Is there a way to define cutpoints while watching the show? like pressing 'C' (for example) starts a cutpoint and another hit on 'C' marks the end of it. This could be a good fall-back mechanism above and beyond the auto mechanism, so after once watching the program, you could be good-to-go for future (might help a lot with precision if you are archiving after watching for example).


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Mark A. Hoover wrote:
>> From: David Brodbeck <gull at gull.us>
>> I was initially using Blank Frame Detection.  It was very fast, but I
>> found the accuracy unacceptably bad.  Part of this is because I do watch
>> a lot of shows with fade-to-black transitions.  ("Intervention" on A&E
>> is a good example of a show where Blank Frame Detection fails miserably.)
> Sci-Fi is even worse about this.  I had to resort to manually marking the 
> commercials and even that doesn't completely help.  I've noticed that 
> Sci-Fi at times will have no blank frames between the commercials and the 
> show.  Even worse is that they'll bleed the sound from the commercial into 
> the TV show or vice versa.
> I haven't tried "All Methods" yet, guess I'll have to go back and look 
> into it.
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Using "All Methods" I have had mostly excellent results.  However, some
shows put in the cut points, but won't automatically skip the
commercials.  I have to use the Z and Q keys to manually jump back and
forth.  Highlander is an example of this problem.  But the show is
Smallville.  The cut points are in the wrong spots, truncating parts of
the show, and the autoskip IS working for this program.  So, when the
program cuts off part of the program on the forward skip, I press the Q
button to back up, and it finishes showing the program up to the
commercial, but then doesn't skip forward.  When I skip forward using Z,
there are parts of the program after the commercials that are skipped
over, so I have to repeatedly hit the 5-sec back key to find the end of
the commercial break.

How do you manually edit cut points to programs?

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