[mythtv-users] New 16:9 Theme (elkin-wide)

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 14:17:35 UTC 2007

On 1/11/07, Elkin Fricke <managementboy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> <introduction> I have been using MythTV since pre 0.19 times, first
> with an analog WinTV card and now using DVB on Astra (europe). I know
> how to build from source and build my own opensuse RPM packages. My
> home setup is an AMD 2000+ CPU and 600 Gig LVM for storage. I output
> over VGA onto a Sanyo 16:9 projector</introduction>
> As part of having MythTV to record shows I have had to deal with a
> quiet picky wife. The last month or so I started making a new Theme
> for MythTV to reflect the preferences of her. This theme is only wide
> screen and it is missing the over scan features on some of the
> templates (this will be fixed in further test releases). Since we have
> been using the Theme since Christmas I thought it to be good enough to
> share it with the world.
> Features (and non features):
>       * 16:9 only
>       * no over scan (in some places it has been improved, even more)
>       * pastel color scheme
>       * no 3d bevels (flat buttons)
>       * designed for mythtv 0.20+ (not tested on trunk)
>       * still far from finished
> Please feel free to download and test it. Send me feedback, patches
> and suggestions!
> The official theme web page is: http://elkin.de/elkin-wide/ where you
> can download it.

man, more great themes!
At this rate, I won't know which one to use, I might have to use the
<gasp>random</gasp> theme chooser!
looks nice, and I like your web site design too =)
don't forget to add your theme to the wiki as well!

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