[mythtv-users] New 16:9 Theme (elkin-wide)

Elkin Fricke managementboy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 10:58:38 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

<introduction> I have been using MythTV since pre 0.19 times, first
with an analog WinTV card and now using DVB on Astra (europe). I know
how to build from source and build my own opensuse RPM packages. My
home setup is an AMD 2000+ CPU and 600 Gig LVM for storage. I output
over VGA onto a Sanyo 16:9 projector</introduction>

As part of having MythTV to record shows I have had to deal with a
quiet picky wife. The last month or so I started making a new Theme
for MythTV to reflect the preferences of her. This theme is only wide
screen and it is missing the over scan features on some of the
templates (this will be fixed in further test releases). Since we have
been using the Theme since Christmas I thought it to be good enough to
share it with the world.

Features (and non features):
      * 16:9 only
      * no over scan (in some places it has been improved, even more)
      * pastel color scheme
      * no 3d bevels (flat buttons)
      * designed for mythtv 0.20+ (not tested on trunk)
      * still far from finished

Please feel free to download and test it. Send me feedback, patches
and suggestions!

The official theme web page is: http://elkin.de/elkin-wide/ where you
can download it.


Elkin Fricke

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