[mythtv-users] More DirecTV/MythTV clarification

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed Jan 10 20:50:17 UTC 2007

On Jan 10, 2007, at 12:36 PM, notimeinco wrote:

>> Cable is definitely easier with the right box. Firewire from
>> the STB to Myth and you're done with the hardware part.
>> However, you will run into limitations with encrypted
>> channels that you don't have to worry about with satellite.
>> Unfortunately, there is no single good solution that works
>> for everyone. My cable system sucks, so I went with satellite
>> and only OTA HD. If they had a better line-up and weren't
>> evil, I would switch to get HD content via a cable STB.
> Thanks for the missing piece on the HDMI connection.  So do you not
> subscribe to satellite-HD as a matter of cost, availability, recording
> quality?

Partly because if I can't record it with MythTV, I don't want to pay  
for it. I would be interested in seeing video captured from the s- 
video port of an HD DirecTV box and might consider upgrading then.  
I'm also a bit lazy and don't feel like converting both my STBs to  
HD. It took me ages to get channel-changing working. I can only  
imagine the troubles I would have doing it on a new STB. Besides..  
most of the joy of HD for me comes from surround-sound. You can only  
capture stereo when grabbing an SD signal so that part is completely  

> If the SD-resolution-HD-content is decent (I wouldn't assume it's  
> high-end
> home theater level), that might be acceptable for me.  I'd like to  
> get away
> from SD/TiVo.  I know I can increase my recording resolution but  
> another
> advantage would be dropping the TiVo subscription fee.

"Savings" isn't accurate much of the time. I venture to guess most  
people spend more money on their MythTV boxes by the time they're  
done than Tivo would ever cost them. You get what  you pay for. :)

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