[mythtv-users] Fuzzy resolution using LCD monitor to display ordinary NTSC

H P Ladds householdwords at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 19:58:08 UTC 2007

When displaying DirecTV NTSC broadcasts on a LCD computer monitor, the
picture is "fuzzy."  Perhaps "not very crisp" is a better description.

When I reduce the size of the window displaying the video, the picture
become crisper. The picture is crisp in preview windows, or in the small
picture displayed when viewing the schedule.

Very little is gained when I bump up the resolution to 720 x 480 and
increase the bitrate. The fact that I can only bump up the resolution to 720
x 480 in Myth's settings leads me to this question:

If NTSC broadcast probably has a resolution ~ 720 X 480 and display has a
resolution of 1080 X 768. Shouldn't the picture be fuzzy?  Isn't a monitor
displaying images at  1080X768 trying to display more information than the
NTSC signal of 720 x 480 can supply? Basically isn't the monitor trying to
display information that isn't there? Do I have pixels sitting around
waiting for some thing to do?

If I reduce the LCD's resolution, then all other aspects of Myth (web,
weather, music, themes, etc.) are wildly to large.

Then again, I could be "all wet" with this theory. Perhaps the LCD at 1024 X
768 should play 720 x 480 magnificently.

pvr-150 (via component, S-video is a mess)
AMD64 3200+

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