[mythtv-users] Best hardware setup for a HTPC w/ HDTV?

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Wed Jan 10 16:35:40 UTC 2007

Telek wrote:
> Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to MythTV and am looking to create 
> a home theatre PC with a couple of HDTV tuner cards for OTA recording 
> and was wondering what the current best hardware setup for this would 
> be.  Doesn't have to be cheap, but should be quiet and hopefully fit 
> inside a well ventilated entertainment unit.  Any ideas?  I'm looking 
> into the mini-atx offerings but I haven't really kept up on that 
> lately and I'm not sure what hardware has good linux support (since 
> most of my forays into linux have been disasters).

If you are in North America, I would highly recommend getting an HD 
HomeRun for the tuners. It is a dual tuner ATSC/CAM box that sits on 
your network and streams recordings to your myth server. For the 
frontend (which can be the backend as well) I'd go with a dual core P4, 
anything 2.6GHz or better would be fine, and largish dish, 500G or 
larger. I've found Nvidia cards to work best under Linux, some will say 
ATI. My personal frontend is dual core P4 2.8GHz, NVidia 6200 video 
card, and a relatively generic mATX motherboard.


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