[mythtv-users] Is my capture card dead?

thomas.w.baker at comcast.net thomas.w.baker at comcast.net
Wed Jan 10 01:06:31 UTC 2007

Ok so I just got some great Myth-friendly Xmas gifts that include a new Hauppauge PVR-150 that will now exist along side my old and trusty Hauppauge WinTV 401.  Since I was adding a lot of new hardware, I did a full re-install and update of the OS to FC6.  Upon initial setup, the "401" card came up as /dev/video0, and the "150" came up as /dev/video1.  Both cards worked in myth, with the exception of some poor sound quality from the 401.  This was surprising, since this was a not a problem under my old "build" with just that card alone in FC4.  Then the next day, because of an apparent freeze during the day, a reboot was forced (I wasn't home, not sure what really happened).  Upon reboot, the cards switched /dev/video* positions, so now the 150 was /dev/video0 and the 401 was /dev/video1.  Because of this, I re-configured the cards under mythtvsetup to reflect this.  Unfortunately, at this point, the 401 stopped receiving a signal, so nothing but static and snow from the 401.  

I forced the cards back to their original /dev/video* positions in modprobe.conf, and the switch was acknowledged, but still, no signal.  I switched the cables around in case one was loose/bad/etc., but still only signal from the 150 and none from the 401.  I launched TV time to see if any signal was being detected, but still, no signal from the 401, even in TV Time.  I reseated the card and did another cable check, but still nothing.

So my question is, is there something wrong with the drivers or other software related issue; or has my trusty old capture card bit the dust.  Due to the timing of possible death, I am hesitant to call it dead.  I should also note, that I am using the remote via the 401, and that all still functions and the card is recognized by both Fedora and Myth.

Please Help!


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