[mythtv-users] modelines for plasma

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Jan 9 22:51:25 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff wrote:

> should work fine. you may need to add all/any of the following as well,
>         Option          "FlatPanelProperties"   "Scaling = native"
>         Option          "IgnoreDisplayDevices"  "TV, CRT"
>         Option          "ExactModeTimingsDVI"   "1"
>         Option          "UseEDIDDpi"     "0"
>         Option          "UseEDIDFreqs"     "0"
>         Option          "ModeValidation"     "AllowNon60HzDFPModes,
> NoEdidMaxPClkCheck, NoMaxPClkCheck, NoHorizSyncCheck,
> NoVertRefreshCheck, NoEdidDFPMaxSizeCheck, NoEdidModes"

Firstly, where can I find an on-line  reference which lists these options?

> you can also try getting the EDID information and building a modeline.
> using the 1.0-9746 drivers, launch X and run nvidia-settings (if you
> want, you can run it from an ssh session wit the "-c :0.0" parameter),
> and read the EDID output.

I cannot see anywhere in nvidia-settings where the EDID information is 
available. Can you assist please?

(I have an Nvidia 6200 here on the desktop machine... just breaking it 
in gently in case I need to hot-swap a frontend box to home!)


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