[mythtv-users] Slight Distortion on Video

raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 15:24:18 UTC 2007

Matt Gibson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm using an ATI card for TV out. When watching tv, or videos, or
> anything else, there's a small distortion on the screen.
> It's hard to explain, but basically around all outer edges of the
> video being displayed, there's like a .1" black area, and sometimes if
> there's lots of white on the screen, it pushes it into overscan, and I
> don't see the blackness, othertimes I do see it.
> Basically it looks like it's a slight oval shape. I've tried overscan
> and all that, but that j ust shifts the entire video.

You're just experiencing the same problem a lot of people are having 
with ATI TV out.  You have no ability to adjust the overscan or 
underscan.  It just outputs a ptcture of a given size, and cross your 
fingers that'll it'll fit on your TV.  With my older TV the output was 
perfect.  The image was centered and there were no black bars anywhere.  
When I hooked it to my girlfriend's TV, I saw the black bars which just 
drive me nuts.
My solution was to use the VGA output hooked to a different TV.  Only my 
Nvidia card uses TV out now.
Some other people on this list have found various ways to get around it, 
some people output the VGA to a box that then outputs all kinds of video 
options, including composite or svideo.  I've seen people make 
VGA-to-SCART connectors as well, which won't help if you're in America.
Some other people have used the ATI DVI to Component adaptor they 
claim.  I couldn't get that thing to display a proper picture in linux.

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