[mythtv-users] Slight Distortion on Video

Matt Gibson diwelf at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 00:43:23 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I'm using an ATI card for TV out. When watching tv, or videos, or
anything else, there's a small distortion on the screen.

It's hard to explain, but basically around all outer edges of the
video being displayed, there's like a .1" black area, and sometimes if
there's lots of white on the screen, it pushes it into overscan, and I
don't see the blackness, othertimes I do see it.

Basically it looks like it's a slight oval shape. I've tried overscan
and all that, but that j ust shifts the entire video.

Could it be signal strength or something? If i bypass the mythbox, and
go directly from my cable box, the video output looks great, and
doesn't have the small black areas around top/bottom/left/right. Once
I go back to mythbox, I see the small black bars.

I'm probably just being anal, but little things like this annoy me.


Above are some pictures. The one with the flash you can't really see
except for on the left side there is a little tiny black bar. On the
flashless pictures, you can really see how it's warped on the right
hand side a little bit. The picture makes it look worse than it
actually is, but it's a good indication of where it's happening.

This happens in the myth menus, and in the watch tv, or whatever. No
matter what, with tvoutput I seem to see these little lines.

Any help would be appreciated.

Lines are connected in this fashion:

tv cable in -> coax -> pvr-150 -> svideo out from Radeon 9600 ->
yamaha receiver -> out svideo to TV.

Matt Gibson

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