[mythtv-users] Any South Africans on this list?

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Mon Jan 8 14:00:30 UTC 2007

 > Well .... are there any South Africans on this list?
 > tv_grab_za takes a very very long time to grab listings from dstv, is
 > why I'm asking.
 > (actualy I'm not convinced it's ever going to complete getting the
 > listing :-( )

Do i need to be South African to respond ? If so then i apologize first, 
but otherwise i'm a non south african watching C-band DSTV in africa and 
i believe you can just download the listing here and feed it to 
mythfilldatabase. See the bottom of this page:


However for me this didn't work since (some of) the C-band programs are 
different to what you get in SA, so i wrote my own web parser which i 
have been using on my dreambox for a few months perfectly. I'm in the 
process of dumping the dreambox in favor of mythtv and am just a the 
stage of channel scanning on my DiSEqC, so have not reached the 
mythfilldatabse stage yet. Please let me know if the wiki above works 
for you and/or you want my web program parser.


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