[mythtv-users] Previously recorded / scheduling

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Mon Jan 8 13:47:30 UTC 2007

> I'm recording 'Frasier' with 'record one weekly' option and normally it 
> works fine. I'm using the default Subtitle and Description duplicate 
> detection for all my recordings although EIT in Finland doesn't contain 
> subtitles. But it's working fine.
> Now I have tomorrow one episode that Myth thinks is already previously 
> recorded:
> mythbackend --printsched:
> Frasier      1 1001  06 22:30-22:50  0 0  w P  -1/0
> In oldrecorded table there are 30 previously recorded Frasiers with 
> empty subtitles. But all of course have unique descriptions and none of 
> those is anywhere near tomorrows description. And I don't have any 
> episodes of Frasier currently recorded.
> Am I missing something obvious? Is there any change that e.g. 
> scandinavic characters could somehow broke the description duplicate 
> detection?

Replying to myself.. I noticed that mythweb failed to do the "Forget 
old" action for this particular "previously recorded" Frasier episode. 
That's probably because there really isn't the old one in the 
oldrecorded table, although the scheduler/duplicate detection thinks so.

Well, this possible bug occurs quite infrequently so I'll have to wait 
maybe couple of weeks / months now.. but I'll try to do some real 
debugging if/when this reappears.

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