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Mythtified mythtified at extrahip.net
Mon Jan 8 03:15:27 UTC 2007

Hi, I am using a sound card that has SPDIF optical inputs as well as outputs (CMI8738-MC6) - wondering if mythbackend can capture from the SPDIF input rather than the line in? I currently use v4l drivers for a cheapo tuner card - /dev/video and /dev/dsp for video and stereo sound respectively. I'm currently capturing from a digital terminal (DCT2524) which has optical SPDIF out - I'd love to get 5.1 from some of the movies coming through...

It is my understanding that /dev/dsp only interfaces analog input from ALSA? My digital input is on hw:0,2 - although specifying this for sound input when setting up the capture card with mythtv-setup led to an error - so did ALSA:spdif - does the mythbackend support capturing sound with ALSA?

Any thoughts are appreciated...
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