[mythtv-users] PSP export workflow

David Fishburn fishburn at ianywhere.com
Mon Jan 8 03:10:11 UTC 2007

> I got a PSP for Christmas, primarily for the purpose of 
> watching the late night news on the bus ride to/from work.  
> Anybody care to share how they've set up their PSP/MythTV symbiosis?
> What I want is to set up a recording rule to automatically 
> launch a user job which cuts commercials then transcodes to a 
> PSP friendy H.264 video. 
> I've got the last step down pat now, but my notes on 
> automatically cutting commercials aren't very helpful.

Have you found this wiki entry yet?

Peter has added the PSP entries which I use.
So what happens now is when I record the show in the Myth Frontend, I have 2
user jobs that run right after:
1.  Remove Commericials
2.  Transcode for PSP

The shows I tape typically have excellent commercial detection, so I am okay
if it misses a few spots.

I install the Transcode job with:
./pdatranscode.pl --transcoder psp --install-job-number 2 --install-job-name
"Transcode for PSP"

I install the Remove Commercials scripts with:
            UPDATE settings 
               SET data='/home/mythtv/bin/removecommercials %DIR% %FILE%' 
             WHERE value='UserJob1';
            UPDATE settings 
               SET data='Commercial Removal' 
             WHERE value='UserJobDesc1';
            UPDATE settings 
               SET data='1' 
             WHERE value='JobAllowUserJob1';

Hope that helps.

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