[mythtv-users] Frontend cpu use when using pvr-350 tv-out

Søren Lambæk lambaek at jyde.dk
Sun Jan 7 13:24:24 UTC 2007

Hi myth-users

I recently retired my old myth box and set up a new one due to at harddrive
failure :-(.

Now i notice that i have about 30% cpu use on the frontend process when
playing my recording ( even when i pause the playback ). Note: it is running
on a 1.1 GHz PIII!

It has been approx 2 years since i set up the previous myth box and i seem
to recall that i had the same issue then.

Problem is i don't recall what fixed it 2 years back :-( 

I have the frontend displaying the myth GUI on the pc monitor and then it
switches over to the tv-out during recording playback.
It is running gentoo linux with the 0.20 release of myth

On the old box i had the exact same setup (running myth 0.1something through
0.18) but between 0-1% cpu use when playing back recordings - due to the
wonders og the pvr-350 hw encoder/decoder ofcourse.

Any one of you guys know how to solve this?

Soeren Lambaek 

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