[mythtv-users] Problem to watch LiveTV from different DiSEqC sources

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Sun Jan 7 10:29:16 UTC 2007

> Dear all,
> Get completely lost with problem to watch LiveTV from DVB-S and writing
> in hope to get some light.
> The problem absolutely permanent and looks like a general luck of stable
> DVB-S/DiSEqC system support. I hope I was missing something and it just
> my bad confuguration ;)
> So design is following:
> 4 Sat Antennas -> 4 port DiSEqC -> Technisat SkyStar2 -> MythTV
> I did configured in MythTV:
> a) Capture Cards -> DVB :0
> in DiSEqC one switch and 4 LNBs
> b) Video Sources -> Satellite Antenna

Did you create a different video source for each LNB and connect it properly

> c) Input Connections -> [DVB :0](DVBInput #1) and [DVB :0](DVBInput #2)
> and [DVB :0](DVBInput #3) and [DVB :0](DVBInput #4)
> d) Channel Config loaded from channel.conf file where after polarisation
> present number of DVBInput.
> Choosing the TV channel DiSEqC remain on channel where it was that cause
> a loss of carrier and MythTV quit with error.
> The only way to switch DiSEqC port is to press 'C' (god knows how it
> work!!! nine times out of ten do not react at all!!!)
> With quite a lot of passion it is possible to select any channel on any
> Satellite and on any LNB. So somebody can tell me that is working... But
> I sure not! :)
> Please anyone who have experience with DiSEqC give me an idea how to
> make it __normally__ working.

I am using MythDora 3.2 and it Works flawless.
My Setup: 4 port Disecq Switch:
LNB1 = Astra 19.2
LNB2 = Astra 28.2
LNB3 = Hotbird 13
LNB4 = Not connected


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