[mythtv-users] Problem to watch LiveTV from different DiSEqC sources

Vladimir Kangin v at kangin.org
Sun Jan 7 07:47:17 UTC 2007

Dear all,

Get completely lost with problem to watch LiveTV from DVB-S and writing
in hope to get some light.

The problem absolutely permanent and looks like a general luck of stable
DVB-S/DiSEqC system support. I hope I was missing something and it just
my bad confuguration ;)

So design is following:

4 Sat Antennas -> 4 port DiSEqC -> Technisat SkyStar2 -> MythTV

I did configured in MythTV: 
a) Capture Cards -> DVB :0
in DiSEqC one switch and 4 LNBs
b) Video Sources -> Satellite Antenna
c) Input Connections -> [DVB :0](DVBInput #1) and [DVB :0](DVBInput #2)
and [DVB :0](DVBInput #3) and [DVB :0](DVBInput #4)
d) Channel Config loaded from channel.conf file where after polarisation
present number of DVBInput.

Choosing the TV channel DiSEqC remain on channel where it was that cause
a loss of carrier and MythTV quit with error.

The only way to switch DiSEqC port is to press 'C' (god knows how it
work!!! nine times out of ten do not react at all!!!)

With quite a lot of passion it is possible to select any channel on any
Satellite and on any LNB. So somebody can tell me that is working... But
I sure not! :)

Please anyone who have experience with DiSEqC give me an idea how to
make it __normally__ working.

Thanking in advance,

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