[mythtv-users] Kurobox + WinTV-PVR-USB2 = working backend??

mark mckelvey memckelvey at comcast.net
Sat Jan 6 17:39:24 UTC 2007

> I'm collecting my notes and patches, and I am planning to add them to
> the Kuro Wiki, but if you follow the steps to get a working Debian
> based Kuro from the wiki then follow the steps related to patching and
> dpkg-buildpackage that sparky2 posted in the kuro forum you should
> have a working system in a couple of hours.

Great.  Thanks.  Based on your success, I think I try the debian path  
first, since I've never used gentoo.  Two more questions:

- The wiki instructions for getting debian running do not involve U- 
boot...seems like U-boot is the way to go though for 2.6 kernels and  
future compatibility.  Do you use U-boot?  I haven't gone past EM  
mode yet, I want to make sure I start the right way.

-  Is Sylver's 'improved debian image' the one you used?  Otherwise  
it seems like you wind up with Woody and not Sarge.

Thanks for the help, and I promise to post any further questions  
along these lines to the kuro forum  :)

   - MMcK
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