[mythtv-users] NVidia 6150 "current" board?

Poul Petersen petersp at mail.alleft.com
Sat Jan 6 06:21:49 UTC 2007

> >I have a working MythTV system set up around the MSI 6150 motherboard  
> >(K8 somethingorother), and my roommates are looking to build another  
> >box with similar specs. However, it looks like MSI is no longer  
> >making 6150-based motherboards - both the K8 and K9 replacements are  
> >out of stock everywhere. Does anyone have a set of build specs based  
> >around an AM2 socket and NVidia 6150 on-board video system?
	I just built a system around an ABIT NF-M2: 


	It's got the 6150 and an onboard DVI, and no fans. I was expecting
a headache with modelines and what not, so imagine my surprise when 
I simply added 1920x1080 to my xorg.conf and had 1080p working in a snap.
The onboard sound and nic are both supported in the kernel (I'm running
but I haven't tried the S/PDIF port yet though...

	I don't remember the last time I built a complete system with no
cards in it :)


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