[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.20, ivtv 0.90, intel8x0 + AC97 sound problems + video length problems

Shahbaz Javeed sjaveed at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 00:03:52 UTC 2007


Part of this problem seems to be definitely MythTV related and the
other half seems to either be connected somehow or possibly unrelated
to MythTV.  I'm hoping someone here has a similar setup or has
experiencd what I'm going through :)

Here's the setup:

Athlon 1800XP
Gentoo 2006 (~x86)
2x PVR-350
nForce2 motherboard with onboard sound (AC97)

linux 2.6.19
ivtv 0.9.0
MythTV 0.20

I'm using the intel8x0 driver for sound I believe.

The Problems:

1. Sometimes the sound recorded (or played back ... not sure where the
problem lies) and the sound in live TV is much higher pitched than it
should be.  This results in manly man sounding like they just inhaled
a helium tank before talking :)  Maybe not a full tank but it's
certainly high pitched.  This high-pitched sound persists in any DVDs
I play with the Internal DVD player.  I haven't tried switching
players to xine or mplayer yet.  Any ideas?

2. Sometimes the total length of a recorded program is some
inordinately high number.  I usually notice this when forwarding
through a recorded program.  A 1 hour long recording will show as
being 2 hours or even 10 hours long.  Fast Forward or Rewind is
usually very inaccurate in such recordings and usually doesn't work.
Any ideas?

I can provide any more information if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

Shahbaz Javeed

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