[mythtv-users] Darn it...

Phil Foxton phil at thefoxtons.org.uk
Fri Jan 5 21:03:10 UTC 2007

> >   
> So just to be clear.  You've moved a back-end myth box into the attic, 
> which also acts as a front-end.  You then decided to add the PC in the 
> basement (named bigblue) as a front-end to the back-end in the attic, 
> sound right so far?  What version of MythTV are you using?  Subversion?  
> 0.20?
Right, Version .20 from atrpms on FC6, both boxes.

> I assume you saw this (http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/EIT), but I 
> assume it's what you're talking about.  I'm afraid I don't know much in 
> the EIT area...
> >   
> What happened when you ran mythfilldatabase?  Did it complain?  What 
> happens when you try to record something?  Does the schedule know about 
> the recording but nothing happens at 10:00pm when CSI: Miami comes on?  
> If you start myth-frontend from the command line, what does the output 
> in the console say?
When using EIT mythfilldatabase is not used(as far as I am aware, or is
that the whole crux of the problem?) If I go into the tv listings and
select a program that is running now, select record only this showing,
nothing happens.  If I try setting up a scheduled job then it doesn't
appear in the upcoming recordings...

I'll try the command line bit later

Phil Foxton <phil at thefoxtons.org.uk>

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