[mythtv-users] Recording issues...am I asking for help in the wrong way??

Kevin Slater kevin.slater at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 13:27:59 UTC 2007

Ok, start with the obvious. If the card can record live tv we know that it
can work. Watch live tv and make note of the channel. Now you have 2 items
that are known to work - that channel and the recording feature (since live
tv is just record and playback at the same time). Now bring up the program
guide, move to that channel you were just watching and schedule a recording.
Make sure you select the recording profile for Live TV! See if that works.
If it doesn't we need to dive deeper.

Also, consider jumping on IRC in the mythtv-users channel and ask there. IRC
can be intimidating but there are guys on there regularly that can help with
troubleshooting and their knowledge of myth is very deep.

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