[mythtv-users] BUG: myth forgets to put TV back in right xrandr mode after EPG

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Fri Jan 5 02:09:40 UTC 2007

Is there a how-to as to enabling this feature?   Well, not the bug that 
you came across, but the xrandr feature? :)


> So I think I found a bug?  I use the xrandr feature of myth setup to go 
> into specific modes (1280x720,1920x1080) depending on the content, and 
> 800x600 for everything else (Menus, EPG, Standard Def TV)..
>  I go to the EPG, and select a 1080i channel using M, TV goes to 1080i 
> mode, All good, I go to EPG again, xrandr switches to 800x600 for EPG, I 
> look around, find nothing on, or just go in to set a recording, hit ESC, 
> and it forgets to put the TV back into 1080i mode!
> I have to again hit ESC and leave Live TV, go back in and find my 
> channel or tune to another one and go back. Very annoying.

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