[mythtv-users] Encrypted HD channels

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Jan 4 18:53:41 UTC 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 11:19 AM, Steven Adeff wrote:

> Most cable company's have those channels on their HD tier, though 5C
> DRM'd (encrypted). From what I can tell, if they don't use encryption
> then they just send the signal out in the clear and use their cable
> box to control whether that person gets it, forgetting that many
> people have ATSC tuners capable of receiving the channel.

Forgetting or just not caring. I doubt it is a big problem here.

> My point of view on it is, if you can get it without anything that
> would go against the DMCA then its not stealing, taking advantage of
> sure, but not stealing.

Actually it is more complicated than that. Since I can receive those  
channels via satellite I am paying for them, so what's the difference  
where I get them from?

One difference is the local commercials that are inserted, but since  
Myth does a good job of skipping the commercials I wouldn't see them  
there, but I can't skip commercials on the DISH receiver except by  

But I know those guys at the cable co. I'm guessing they will just  
tell me to do what I want, just don't advertise the fact. That's why  
I said "talk to them", not "pay them".

> I've got an heavily tuned A4 Avant for practical, I want the Boxster
> for fun ;-) (not that I drive much, few times a month, god bless small
> cities and public transportation =)

Or big Cities. When I lived in Manhattan driving was something to be  
avoided if at all possible. The subway was the fastest way to get  
just about anywhere.

I can't avoid driving now though, but I hate it.

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