[mythtv-users] VGA to component cables

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Jan 4 16:55:59 UTC 2007

> Has anyone had any luck with those VGA to component cables?
> I was browsing around looking at the different options I have for
> connecting my MythTV FE to my 56" 16:9 rear projection TV and I saw some
> mentioning of VGA to component video converters.  So, I did a google
> search, and found that there are cables as well as full-blown adapters.
> For example, I came across:
> http://www.lenexpo-electronics.com/2M-6FT-ATLONA-HIGH-QUALITY-VGA-
>In addition to:
>Since there are dramatic differences in price, I thought I would ask
>here to see if anyone had any experience with either one...

I tried a breakout cable when I was fiddling with modelines, because my TV
(WS-48311) has a "DTV" input switchable between "normal" component and RGBHV
(5 RCA jacks) - and no digital-type input. What I got was about the same as
using the component-out dongle (on a 7600GS) with many many modeline
attempts: very little success, TV makes no real attempt to try to sync.
Fortunately for me none of this seems to have damaged the TV, and once I
found the "TVStandard" "HD1080i" option the component-out dongle worked just
fine (with XV Vsync OFF until the more recent drivers) so I was able to
forget about modelines. I never got to the VGA->component converter box step
but I think it would also have a dependence on finding a suitable modeline.

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