[mythtv-users] HD Tuner Cards

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu Jan 4 16:35:39 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller <bradallenfuller at yahoo.com> says:
> How well does KNTV come in for you? I'm down in Los Gatos and it's
> the only problematic channel. You must be on the other side of it's
> transmitter.

Yes, KNTV's separate antenna did, in the first few days of my finally
coming to my senses and using a longer coax cable
tend to cause situations in which it would come through but other
stations wouldn't, or vice versa. However, I saw this happen with
KTVUDT and KGODT at times, as well. In my current apartment, some
occasional repositioning over the first few days after I set my MythTV
system up--totaling about 30 seconds' worth of work--was sufficient to
find an optimal location and position for the Silver Sensor for me to
pull in all seven national broadcast networks with 99.44% reliability.

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