[mythtv-users] Missing video Devices???

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Thu Jan 4 12:21:53 UTC 2007

A JM wrote:

>>These would indeed need reinstallation after a kernel upgrade because
>>they would be kernel driver modules, and driver modules need to be
>>compiled against a specific version of the kernel.
>I'm following you that they are KERNEL dependent. Why did they get
>un-installed? I know that is an open ended question but did the KERNEL
>update do that? I didn't specifically remove them so something removed
Two options:
1/ you upgraded to new kernel (later release):
in this case the ivtv modules have not yet been installed. You have to 
do what you originally did to install them. On every upgrade of the 
kernel you have to do this again, as ivtv is not yet included in the 
kernel (and take care you match the correct version of ivtv with the 
kernel version)

2/ you upgraded the kernel modules. This upgrade is handled by deleting 
all modules and placing new modules in the module tree....

>The following shows no signs of the ivtv drivers...
>[root at myth2 mythtv]# /sbin/lsmod |grep "ivtv"
>[root at myth2 mythtv]# rpm -qa |grep "ivtv"
>[root at myth2 mythtv]# /sbin/modprobe ivtv
>FATAL: Module ivtv not found.
>[root at myth2 mythtv]#
>Is changing between KERNELS after it's installed as easy as selecting
>the correct KERNEL at Boot up with GRUB? 
Yes, provided you have configured grub correctly.


>I assume that you would also
>then need to have the correct drivers for whichever KERNEL your using,

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