[mythtv-users] HDHR QAM: Streams ok to VLC but not Mythtv

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Jan 3 05:59:20 UTC 2007

P S wrote:
> On 1/2/07, R. G. Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
>> P S wrote:
>>> I'm using and HDHomerun to tune QAM256 on comcast.  Most channels are
>>> fine but there are a few that will tune and lock but will not display
>>> in live TV or recorded programs.  Xine will play, but there is not
>>> audio.
>>> I'm running trunk svn 12306.
>> Did you run a channel scan recently?  When you did the SVN upgrade?
>> Geoff
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> I ran a scan many times, even deleting the source and starting from scratch.
> I think I upgraded 12/20/2006

Try this:
Make a backup of the mythconverg database.
Make a separate backup of the cardinput, capturecard, dtv_multiplex and 
channel tables.
Then delete all your cards and sources and start again in mythtv-setup.
Confirm that cardinput, capturecard, dtv_multiplex and channel tables 
are empty,
When you get to 3> Input Connections, assign the source to your 
HDhomeRun, and do a channel scan using your HDHR. Make sure NOT to check 
the 'Unencrypted Channels' box. This worked for me recently (hat tip to 
JW. for the pointer). You do end up with a channel table containing 
entries for EVERY digital stream, however. I had 454. Then you have to 
check every channel to find the ones you can actually receive...very boring.

Between cable co's. changing how they transmit channels, and something 
going on with the scanner, cards are being set up improperly, in part 
because the scanner is being given garbage by the cableco. For example 
it appears that Rogers Cable in Toronto is marking all channels as 
encrypted...	So a 'Unencrypted' only scan gets nothing and an 
'Encrypted' scan gets every stream, but not necessarily correctly.
It is unconfirmed but I think that certain settings in capturecard and 
cardinput get set wrongly too, if you do an 'Unencrypted' scan.

Keep your backups please. They may be useful to those who actually 
understand how the code works.


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