[mythtv-users] which of these motherboards should I buy? (socket 754)

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 03:58:21 UTC 2007

>And not AM2 because, I did a little research on the AM2 chipsets but
they still seem not mature
>enough for a linux non-guru such as myself. Seems like I see a lot of
issues still.

Hmm, I have setup a few of these systems (ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket
AM2) at work and not a single problem at all (although none have
hauppage cards). I use some them as raid6 servers with 2GB of memory
and 6 x 330 GB seagate 7200.10 drives on a gigabit network.

> Question re VIA versus Nvidia chipset:
> I keep reading how there are issues between ivtv and VIA chipsets, but the
> various pages I found which list the conflicting VIA chipsets do not match
> the K8T800.

I have myself had problems with VIA chipsets and hauppage cards but
these were older boards and athlon processors. I am not sure that the
K8T800 is immune to the problems I was having as I have seen several
reports saying that the problem still exists.

> Otherwise I would go with the nVidia chipset mobos.
> The other reason for choice #1 is:  Choices #2/3 have *Marvell* integrated
> NICs. IIRC, there were issues with Fedora not seeing these during setup, so
> you had to pop in a PCI NIC until you could do a yum update?
At work (with 64 bit gentoo) I have had no problems at all with
integrated Marvel NICs but they were gigabit cards.


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