[mythtv-users] Unpredictable Rewind/Fast Forwarding with the internal player

Richard Keech rkeech at redhat.com
Wed Jan 3 03:47:43 UTC 2007

Richard Keech wrote:
> Jesse Dhillon wrote:
>> Quick question: I use the internal player because I like how it is 
>> integrated with the rest of Myth. However, I find that rewinding and 
>> fast forwarding is unpredictable: the audio it attempts to play at an 
>> increased rate is never accurate (sometimes it just continues playing 
>> the sound from where you left off, at the same rate). At other times it 
>> will forward or rewind for T seconds, but when I tell it to resume it 
>> doesn't start playing at current+T, it will start playing back at 
>> current. In other words, it's like I didn't event forward or rewind!
>> Does this happen to anyone? I know Myth is at version 0.20, and a video 
>> player is a pretty hard thing to get right, so I would expect things to 
>> get better as Myth progresses.
>> J
> I too am seeing similar problems. 
> I find that rewinding DVD streams sends it into a strange state which
> cannot be recovered from. 
> However rewinding recorded video works fine.
> This is with Myth 0.20 from the atrpms build on Fedora Core 6, using the
> internal DVD player.
btw, it turns out my problem was dealt with by fixing key bindings. I
was effectively hitting
pause following a rewind because play and pause both mapped to P.  When
I changed the mapping
of my Play button to "Ctrl+P" I was able to go rewind then play without

This leaves a remaining issue of why pause following a rewind leaves the
system in such a
strange state for DVDs only.

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