[mythtv-users] Unpredictable Rewind/Fast Forwarding with the internal player

Richard Keech rkeech at redhat.com
Tue Jan 2 22:11:21 UTC 2007

Jesse Dhillon wrote:
> Quick question: I use the internal player because I like how it is 
> integrated with the rest of Myth. However, I find that rewinding and 
> fast forwarding is unpredictable: the audio it attempts to play at an 
> increased rate is never accurate (sometimes it just continues playing 
> the sound from where you left off, at the same rate). At other times it 
> will forward or rewind for T seconds, but when I tell it to resume it 
> doesn't start playing at current+T, it will start playing back at 
> current. In other words, it's like I didn't event forward or rewind!
> Does this happen to anyone? I know Myth is at version 0.20, and a video 
> player is a pretty hard thing to get right, so I would expect things to 
> get better as Myth progresses.
> J

I too am seeing similar problems. 
I find that rewinding DVD streams sends it into a strange state which
cannot be recovered from. 
However rewinding recorded video works fine.
This is with Myth 0.20 from the atrpms build on Fedora Core 6, using the
internal DVD player.

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