[mythtv-users] burning recording to dvd

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 2 14:12:25 UTC 2007

On Jan 1, 2007, at 11:09 PM, Aaron LaFevers wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to put a fairly large recording onto dvd from my myth box.   
> Im new to linux, so not sure how to go about doing this.  At this  
> point I dont actually have the drive installed, so I assume I will  
> have to install drivers for it somehow?

Burning a DVD is fairly easy, but what you really mean is  
"authoring", then burning.

dvdauthor and dvdstyler will do the latter, k3b, xcdroast and others  
will do the former.

Look at:



> On another note, I'm trying to get my myth box onto my wireless  
> network, and having a bit of trouble.  I think I installed the  
> driver correctly (w/ndiswrapper) but I'm getting hung up on  
> configuring the card for the wlan.. Not exactly mythtv, but if  
> someone is particularly strong with linux wifi-ing, I'd appreciate  
> your help.

Moving video around on an 802.11 link is usually not the best idea.  
It can be done, especially with SD, but things have to be working  
pretty well in all respects for it to happen.

WiFi cards that require Windows drivers using ndiswrapper are also  
not the best solution, better to get a directly-supported card IMHO.

The best advice is the most basic: If you are new to Linux spend some  
time learning the OS and getting comfortable with it. DVD burning,  
802.11 networking and especially MythTV are all "non-trivial" tasks  
that give even experienced users fits at times, witness the vast  
number of posts here :-)

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