[mythtv-users] PVR-350 and watching TV problem

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 19:49:25 UTC 2007

On 1/1/07, mythtv-users at jaredharvey.com <mythtv-users at jaredharvey.com> wrote:
> Hello list,
> This  is  my  first  post  so please bear with me if I'm not following
> proper etiquette. I'm installing my first Mythtv setup, every thing is
> going  well,  but I'm having trouble with the watching TV feature, I'm
> assuming  the same problem for recording. I get video and audio when I
> do  mplayer  -vo  xv  /dev/video0. When I run the front end and select
> watch TV I capture this from the console.

> 2007-01-01 09:21:43.201 IVD Error: Framebuffer number query failed.
>                         eno: Invalid argument (22)
>                         Did you load the ivtv-fb Linux kernel module?
> 2007-01-01 09:21:44.698 TV Error: StartPlayer(): NVP is not playing after
> 20000 msec
> 2007-01-01 09:21:44.901 TV Error: LiveTV not successfully started

I'm guessing that you're watching on a monitor and not on a TV -- i.e.
using a video card to display video rather than the PVR-350's

I'm not positive, but I believe the ivtv-fb driver is to support X
display with a framebuffer through the PVR-350's out. You shouldn't
need this driver if you're only trying to use the 350's MPEG encoder,
which works with the standard ivtv driver.

Since the card works when dumping straight to mplayer, It's more than
likely you've incorrectly set some parameters in mythtvsetup. Make
sure your tuner card is set to MEPG-2 encoding, and you have the right
input set -- eg Tuner0 if you're using an RF cable, S-Video0 if you're
using S-video, etc.

If you're trying to display on your monitor, make sure you disable
support for PVR-350 decoder. (I believe this is in the FE setup menus
rather than the BE).

> Mythtv   tells   me  it  could  not  initialize.  So  naturally  I  do
> #/sbin/modprobe  ivtv-fb. I get no feed back on the command prompt, so
> it  appears  to have worked OK. Then when I run the front end, I get a
> black screen and no audio. I capture this from the console.
> 2007-01-01 08:27:10.664 Using protocol version 31
> 2007-01-01 08:27:10.717 TV: Attempting to change from None to WatchingLiveTV
> 2007-01-01 08:27:10.720 Using protocol version 31
> 2007-01-01 08:27:12.293 DPMS Deactivated
> 2007-01-01 08:27:12.384 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
> 2007-01-01 08:27:12.395 NVP: Enabling Audio
> 2007-01-01 08:27:12.536 Using the PVR-350 decoder/TV-out

It's trying to pipe video out through the 350s decoder. I believe this
is set in the FE setup menu but I'm not positive. You'll want to
disable it.

Unless you're really set on using the 350's out, it's a better idea to
use an nvidia card to drive your display. No one is developing any
more for the 350's output.

Just follow Jarod's instructions for a PVR 250, and ignore the parts
specifically for the 350's decoder.

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