[mythtv-users] Backend crashing

Michael Tiller michael.tiller at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 14:09:51 UTC 2007

On 12/31/06, Michael Tiller <michael.tiller at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running a recent SVN version of the backend and I keep getting a
> message like this in my log right before the backend dies...
> [mpeg1video @ 0xb749b088]invalid mb type in I Frame at 0 12

Here is some additional information that I've tracked down.  I consistently
got this exact messge each time the system crashed.  Here are some
interesting things to note:

1) I would find this message in both the frontend and backend logs before
they crashed!?!
2) If I tried to view recorded programs from Mythweb, the backend would
crash.  But I could see the list of recorded shows from the frontend (i.e.
this is not what caused the frontend to crash).
3) Removing two programs (that were recorded via an HDHomerun) eliminated
the problem.

So I think my assumption, that these shows were corrupted, was correct.  Of
course, it would be ideal if Myth were more robust to such problems.  Is
this a known issue?  If not, should I file a bug report?  Given enough time,
I can probably provide a sample video file that triggers this as well (I
don't know how big they were but since they were probably incomplete they
may have been quite small).

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